DipIn is a mobile app that helps you find your next book.

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The blind taste test for fiction readers.

A new way to choose stories

Read and compare hundreds of novels with one app, quickly and easily. If you like the book you can sample or buy it to read more. If you don't, never worry. Another story is waiting to be told.

Find out your reading habits

As you choose and read books, the app starts to learn what you like and offers up special selections to read based on your tastes.

A great range of books

By working directly with major publishers, DipIn will offer a wide range of novels, from the latest best-sellers to forgotten gems and classic novels. Whatever tickles your fancy.

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DipIn is currently in development. Apply to become one of a limited number of testers.

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What is a closed beta test?

A beta test is the last phase of testing before an app goes live. A closed beta test is when only a certain number of people are involved in the testing.

What will testing involve?

Testing will involve dowloading and using the app several times, and answering a few simple questions on your experience.

When will tests take place?

Tests will take place in autumn 2015 over six weeks. More details will follow.

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Publisher, book retailer or library? Please get in contact by email. Or join the conversation on Twitter.

DipIn is an app produced by Storyjacker Ltd. Registered Office: 28 Rampton Road, Sheffield, S7 1DL. Registered in England and Wales No. 9259597